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What Small Business SEO Companies Do

See How We Help Small Businesses Achieve Higher Rankings In Search Engines.

SEO management companies (agencies or firms) like MP SEO Services focus on several ranking factors to build the overall authority of a website as well as add and optimize content on client websites.

Ultimately, the goal of an SEO management company is to rank the clients’ website and services higher in search results. There are a number of methods used in SEO including building backlinks, adding new content, optimizing old content, rebuilding the website structure, internal linking and collecting reviews.

What We Are

What is a Small Business Services SEO Company?

SEO management companies offer a variety of SEO services, and each service or plan is tailor-built to fit the clients’ needs. While a plumber in Los Angeles may require a plan more suited towards local SEO, a national e-commerce brand would benefit more from a plan geared towards E-Commerce SEO.

Services offered by SEO management companies may include a revamp of your current website structure, adding internal links, adding new content around target topics and reaching out to other authoritative websites in your niche to acquire backlinks. SEO management companies may also work on more technical issues like the speed that your website loads, fixing redirects, setting up advanced Google Analytics or adding schema markup to your content.

For a local service-based business website, an SEO management company may also work on optimizing your Google My Business listing and may suggest collecting and cleaning up customer reviews on Google and Yelp.

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How SEO Management Companies Achieve Results

There is a 6-step approach to how SEO management companies achieve results. Different SEO software and tools are used to gain insight and find actionable opportunities. The process is as follows:

Phase 1

The first step is gaining an understanding on who the customer is. During this phase, you as a business owner will spend time meeting with your SEO management company answering questions or filling out a questionnaire. This is a very important part of onboarding because it helps your SEO management company understand your business the way you do.

Phase 2

Second step is when a competitive analysis is done. This helps your SEO management company gain insight on where competitors are doing well, where they’re not doing well and where there may be a gap in the market.

Phase 3

The third step is keyword and topic research. This phase is where the SEO management company gains a better understanding about the topic and begins to gain insight on user intent. Consider the different type of results that may rank highly for the terms “plumber help” and “help a plumber”. One searcher is likely looking for a plumber to help with a problem while the other may be looking for a job as a plumbers’ assistant.

Phase 4

This step is mainly focused on website optimization. That will include rebuilding your website structure, fixing page-speed issues and internal linking strategies. This may also include setting up additional analytics to ensure that a website visitors’ activity can be tracked. This helps in further optimizing the website based on user behavior.

Phase 5

The 5th step is content creation and optimization. This will include building out lengthy service or category (hub) pages as well as structured silos that cover the topic in-depth. Remember E-A-T? This is where the ‘expertise’ part comes to life.

Phase 6

The last and final step is outreach. Outreach for backlinks is one of the most important steps an SEO management company will take because that helps build the authority and trustworthiness of a website.

Before, after, and in between each of these steps, there are additional tasks that will be accomplished. Those may include optimizing a Google listing to attempt to rank better in Google’s Map Pack, reaching out to low-authority websites to have backlinks removed, creating video content for video SEO or a variety of other items that may come up. Office

Who We Are

Small Business SEO Services

At, a small business SEO services company, our goal is to position our clients to achieve the best ranking results possible and we work creatively to achieve those results for our clients. We are not a cookie-cutter SEO agency that will add a client to a queue of 100s of other clients.

We focus solely on getting results. Results for our clients means results for us. If you’re looking for an SEO management company, please reach out. Whether or not we work with you, we would love to chat about your SEO needs.

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