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Who We Are

About Us

Helping small businesses compete in the changing landscape of digital marketing.

In the ever-changing landscape of digital marketing, deserved or not, we’re seeing that those with the largest SEO budget tend to get most of the traffic and attention.

Through perseverance and proven methodology, our goal is to help small businesses with smaller marketing budgets compete for organic search traffic using proven, actionable methods.

Our Core Values

At MP SEO Services, our goal is to work tirelessly for our clients until we surpass our goals. Then we keeping pushing.


When we take on a client, we are committed to ranking their websites as if they were our own. Our clients are our partners.


As each client requires a custom specialized plan, we work tirelessly to find what works and then expand on that.


We push until we see results and then we keep going. Our client's goals are our halfway point.

MP SEO Services

Supercharge Your Online Presence And Get Noticed

The SEO professionals at MP SEO Services have a combined 3 decades of SEO experience ranking local websites, e-commerce websites and content websites.

It doesn’t matter what niche you are in, our proven method of ranking websites higher in search engines can work for your website. Speak with one of our SEO specialists today and see what we can do for you.

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No Action No Change

Our 90 Day 6-Step Approach

Building A Strong SEO Foundation Within The First 3 Months

MP SEO Services is a B2B SEO agency specializing in organic SEO (search engine optimization). While we do have experience in various forms of digital marketing like social media marketing, paid search marketing and email marketing, where we excel is in creating a foolproof SEO strategy using on-page SEO, technical SEO and off-page SEO.

When it comes to digital marketing, each website requires a customized SEO solution. Like other forms of digital marketing like social media marketing, there is no 1-size-fits-all SEO solution for any website. That’s true even in local SEO where 2 similar services are targeting the same customers.

Each small business and each website have unique strengths and weaknesses. It is our goal to find the potential strengths and build on those using traditional SEO methods, as well as new, creative SEO solutions. This ensures long-term stable organic growth. When executed correctly, SEO works!

Here is our 6-step process:

Phase 1

We will spend this time learning as much as we can about your industry, your business services and what your goals are. We will also request log in information to access your website, Google Analytics, Google Search Console and your Google business profile.

Why we need access:

Website access: we need website access to handle technical SEO issues, optimize existing content, publish new content and internally link pages. While our specialty isn’t web design, we may also make basic changes to site structure, page layouts and content structure. If your website does require more complicated website design, we work with specialized web design firms that have proven to be affordable and efficient.

Google Analytics: We need access to Google Analytics to set up customized analytics tracking and run traffic reports.

Google Search Console: We need access to GSC for several reasons. We use it to track current keyword ranking, fix and submit indexing errors, submit sitemaps, track backlinks from link-building efforts and track technical SEO issues.

Google Business Profile: We need access to your Google Business Profile (formerly Google my Business) to optimize your listings to ensure your ranking for the target keywords you’re looking to rank for. This is crucial especially for local SEO services where we need to add your business to the Google map directory.

If you don’t have these set up on Bing, we will set those up for your as well.

Phase 2

We will review which SEO strategy currently working for your competitors, how their SEO performance has proven to be successful and identify how we can do better.

While your SEO strategy won’t be an exact copy of your competitor, we will use this to determine what Google likes to see in a strong SEO campaign. Our SEO specialist will then put together an comprehensive customized SEO plan.

Phase 3

We will take what we’ve learned in steps 1 & 2 and put together a comprehensive list of topics related to your business and keywords that go along with it.

Topic and keyword research is going to be a major part in our content marketing strategy. As part of step 3, we will also begin putting together a list of service pages and blog content topics.

Phase 4

This includes technical and non-technical SEO items like re-structuring, fixing menu issues, building new pages, reviewing / optimizing page-speed load times and building out your internal linking SEO strategy.

During this phase, we may also enhance your Google Analytics tracking to ensure we’re tracking the right metrics.

Phase 5

Now that we have the website structured correctly, the topics and keyword plan built out, we know what works with your competitors and have determined what we need to do to get your site ranked, the next step is loading up your website with high-quality topic-relevant, keyword-rich content.

This is done in a structured, organized method with proven SEO results. This is the step where we finally start seeing results come in.

Phase 6

Link building has proven to still be a major ranking factor in how well a website ranks. Now that we have new & optimized content live on the site, our SEO experts will now begin the process of acquiring backlinks.

Link building can be accomplished in many ways including via content marketing, tool-building, press releases, guest posts, partnerships, sponsorships, news articles and other methods.

This process typically takes about 90 days. Depending on how competitive your niche is, you may begin seeing results in month 1 and you also may not start seeing results for 90-180 days. We can discuss this further on our consultation call.

Whether you’re looking for SEO consulting or if you want to determine if SEO is right for your small business, get in touch with an MP SEO Services expert today. Your SEO image is important to us!